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PinasHeadlines.com is a site in-progress. It aims at providing people, most particularly the very busy ones, get updated of the news that hit the headlines everyday. Because of time constraints, we believe that the readers prefer a concise and summarized form of the news item and so we provide this kind of news here.

It likewise has the advocacy for good governance and anti-corruption thrust of the government. Thus, more news items related to these will be given importance in this news site.

The Contents

The posts here are concise or summarized versions of the news headlines in major or mainstream news/media outlets. The posts use photos that are screengrab or screen shots from internet pages we find relevant to the news item and the source is credited at the bottom. These photos are for fair use here since they are for news purposes. However, if there are photos whose owner does not want the photo to be used in this site, kindly let us know (using Contact Us) so that we can immediately take out the photo.

PinasHeadlines does observe copyright laws. At times, a post may contain an embedded link or links either from Youtube, Facebook or Twitter. In the case that the owner does not want this site to embed their links, kindly notify us (using Contact Us) so that we can immediately take out the said embedded links.

If we do not receive any notification on the above matters, we deem it that permission is granted.


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1. PinasHeadlines cannot vouch for the authenticity and truthfulness of reports from other news agencies, social media and other sources from which the contents of the posts are based on.
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